The Quintessence of Tonkin Show

Available show time: Every week on: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 19:00 to 20:00

Ten years in the making, the Quintessence of Tonkin is an outdoor spectacle that reaffirms Hanoi’s position as the cultural capital of Vietnam. Showcasing traditional elements of Vietnamese culture in a contemporary and innovative way, the Quintessence of Tonkin delivers audiences a unique and memorable exploration of the Red River Delta — the beating heart of northern Vietnam.

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the quintessence of tonkin in hanoi

  • Distance from Manh’s house: Plus 7 km to the West
  • What you can get: The Quintessence of Tonkin is an emotive expression of the ancient union between religion and monarchy. The show is romantic, poetic and emotional, and brings a breath of fresh air and stirring excitement to Vietnamese entertainment.
  • Take by Grab taxi: 15 minutes, estimated costs 79.000 vnd/ way/car (year of 2019). On the way back to Hanoi city, you will use the free shuttle bus of the show back to 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi city.
  • Total time of the show: 1 hour
  • Service: Local service, some English speaking area and you will be supported by local staff.

the quintessence of tonkin in hanoi-stage

  • Book ticket with us: (paid and non-refundable): If you book before 16 days, you will get discount of 100.000 vnd/ ticket
  • Silver ticket: 670.000 vnd/ ticket
  • Golden ticket: 735.000 vnd/ ticket
  • Platinum ticket: 960.000 vnd/ ticket
  • Your ticket zone is highlighted in the above seating plan.


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