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Coronavirus disease break time

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April 5th 2020

Today was a special day. It has been 17 days since my job suspended because of Corona disease. A bit fear and sadness appear in my mind. My two uncles who are living in Ho Chi Minh City (South of Vietnam) visiting home due to their relative died of cancer few days ago. So this is the time as well for them to meet up all their siblings who are living in the village and close to grandma.

My family had a meal together, we talked so much, my mother and my aunts talked about the good old days, my uncles really respected and enjoyed this time with their family. It is a long time they don’t see each other and have chance to meet up all siblings or have a meal together. I was melt in happy family environment and forget disease that a big affect to my job and the world. I feel I am so lucky when my family is safe, we have healthy food to eat and enjoy time together. I know that outside there, a million people who is so fearing about the disease, who lost their life, lost their job, who need money to pay for rent, raise children etc. That makes me sad. I feel how tough time people are suffering now.

Everyday, local loudspeaker of government speaks very loud and update clearly about the disease situation in Vietnam and in the world. The number of death people in the world is increasing day by day, medical people works so hard, people and company donate money, medical facility for hospital and even volunteer are giving free food for unemployed people on the street. I was not born in wartime but I listened to many stories about hard time in wartime from old people, from my grandparents and I feel this time is a bit similar to wartime 45 years ago. I like the slogan of Vietnam Government that “Against the epidemic as against the enemy, every person being is a soldier on the battle”.Vietnam is well controlled disease now with low number of positive people and there is no one death.

Here, life is quite slow, peaceful and fresh air. This is the first time I have experienced no monthly income and have long break time. Now, what I can do is online studying, teaching my kids, helping my parents with cows, pets and rice field and this is the longest time i can help my parents since i was 18 years old.

I believe that Vietnam and the World will get over COVID-19 soon. We will unite together, solve problem and being champion. The sun will rise up. You and me can go back with our jobs and I will see beautiful smiles on your faces again. Stay safe everyone!