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food nutrition data

Food Data Central – Food and Nutrition Facts

04/11/2019 What's new?

Recently, I have been studying some online EDX courses by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They are so amazing courses because They’re total free for audit and presented by professional professors from great universities in the world. My latest course is “Food for thought” which Doctor and scientist show you a lot of […]

hanoi-winter time

Hanoi’s winter is coming

21/10/2019 What's new?

This afternoon, October 28, 2019, the first cold wind of the year came to Hanoi. Winter has come, on the road, the vehicles moving faster, everyone wears a warm coat and a full-face mask. On the windy field the leaves of cabbage spread green, the flowers of broccoli blooming eagerly welcome winter. A green crop […]